Salary Expectations Interview Question

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This gives you a tremendous amount of leverage to negotiate base salary as well as extras like benefits, bonuses and vacations days. But the dreaded “salary requirement question” often comes up early on with HR or even in the initial application form. Even worse you get asked for your “minimum salary requirement,”.

As of last week, the interview question "What’s your current salary. are still legal ways for employers to ask about your salary Employers can still ask candidates about their "salary expectations," or the amount of money they would.

Review common interview questions about salary, advice on the best way to respond to salary related interview questions, and examples of the best answers.

How to Say No Of course, declining to answer an interview question. talking about your expectations, instead of waiting for a potential employer to ask about your salary history. You can also politely respond to any salary.

A study showed that hiring managers were more likely to give a higher salary to candidates who joked about salary.

How to answer interview questions about salary expectations, including sample answers and tips on how to respond to questions about what you expect to earn.

However you approach it, make sure you plan your answer to this question in advance to avoid being caught off-guard. 2) Consider The Stage Of Interview Process. hints and tips on how to tackle the dreaded salary expectations.

How to Calculate Annual Salary. Knowing how much money you earn per year is an important first step in managing your finances and.

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Mar 12, 2014. In the current climate, this is a hugely important question, it is essential not to overprice or under price yourself, you ask for too much and you could ruin your chances, ask for too little and you could end up frustrated that you could have gotten more or judged under qualified because it's too low.

So before every interview, including phone screens, assume that you’re going to be pressed to name your salary expectations. You might think you know how you’re going to answer the question, but plenty of people blanch when.

"Discriminatory questions in terms of salary history can happen in a couple of ways. It can be in an interview [with] an employer asking. Discuss your salary expectations. "Reframing to talk about your salary expectations or.

Job interview guide with links to interviewing tips, sample interview questions, practice interviews, and answer strategies.

Jul 5, 2017. In your job posting, require that applicants summarize their salary history, note their salary expectations or both in a cover letter. A telephone interview with the recruiter usually lasts 10 to 20 minutes and has at least two purposes: confirm that the applicant is still interested in the job and determine whether.

Oct 14, 2016. Unsure how to answer a common interview question? Try these strategies to ace even the most difficult interview questions.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) – The interview. that ban the question, you should answer honestly. "Never lie about your salary," warned Lo. "Besides being unethical, it’s something people can verify." If an offer comes in that’s below your.

Example Interview Questions:. The best way to answer this question is by researching the market value of the job you are applying for. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to salary expectations because if you are looking for a role that pays 60,000 but the role will only pay 40,000, it won't be long before you begin to.

The article brings the best tips, tactics, questions and answers for your salary negotiations. Be careful when you answer salary interview questions – the only time.

When the interviewer asks the question: “do you have any questions that you would want to ask us? During an interview, he doesn’t want to be polite; he actually.

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Basic preparation: The logic lies in identifying the keyword and that happens to be “expectations from the company.” Listen to the question carefully before.

A good recruiter will question you about your past salary and future income expectations and/or give you a sense for the employer’s pay range before allowing you to go on the interview. Employers have two primary ways of asking about.

Every interviewer has asked the same questions, and I'm stumped. What is the correct response to, "What are your salary expectations?" and "What is your salary history?" The problem is that I'm 37, an evening division student with significant business experience, but I recognize that if I get the legal employment I'm looking.

If you’re faced with the, " What’s your current salary " question in an interview,

Similar interview questions: What are your salary expectations? What is your current salary? How much do you need to earn to justify making a move? Do you have a number in mind for what you want to be earning? Why the interviewer is asking this question: The interviewer is testing your money/salary expectations up.

Jan 28, 2014  · Here’s a scenario many of us are familiar with: You applied for a job you want and, after days of anxious waiting, you land an interview to discuss the.

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These days, "Why were you laid off?" can often be interchangeable with this question. What are your salary expectations? "During the interview process, you want to keep the focus on your worth, not your cost," another.

Job interviews are always a bit nerve-wracking, but when you throw salary negotiations into the mix? Whoo, buddy, can things go from bad to worse. The question, "How much did you make at your last job?" is possibly the hardest one to answer. If you tell the truth and your last job's salary was on the lower end, your.

Hence, it is important that one enters the interview room prepared for every possible kind of question. Of course questions are. of achievements and responsibilities. What are your salary expectations? It is an advantage if the.

NEVER raise the topic of salary during an interview! • If asked for your salary requirements during an interview, here are some strategies: • Based on your salary research, give a wide range. For example, if the average offer for the job is $50K, you might indicate your expectations between $45-60K. • Re-direct the question.

May 26, 2017. Remember, an interview and what follows is a form of negotiation. It's a timeless principle of negotiation that the person who responds to an initial offer has the upper-hand, which is one of the reasons why an interviewer is likely to ask you this question – having simply stated 'salary competitive' in the job.

Sep 16, 2013  · You’re sitting in a job interview and everything has been going great. You’re feeling really good about how you’ve responded to all the questions so far.

Of all of the typical interview questions, that one is the most controversial. When you get prompted by the question about salary expectation, the only good answer is to provide a range. The range should be relatively wide, such as by,

Things have gone well, the interview is nearly finished, but there’s one final minefield to navigate: the tricky ‘salary expectation’ question. Too low and potentially you can end up being underpaid, too high and they might decide to go.

Advice – When and How to Discuss Salary during an Interview, Discussing to soon can Damage an Interview. Who Should Bring up the Salary negotiation Question?

Jan 9, 2017. One tough job interview question to prepare for is this: “What were you expecting salary wise?” Although this question may seem simple, it is often o. Most people do research about salary expectations before an interview to avoid this situation in the first place, but occasionally your research may be.

Apr 12, 2011. QnA : Interview. Interview Question: Discussing Salary and Salary Expectations. If the interviewer asks you this question, it is a good sign. The interviewer is trying to gauge whether the salary for the position that you are interviewing for will be in line with your expectations. The interviewer may also be trying.

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Most hiring managers know the power of silence and use it to unnerve you—and you’re already nervous because of the interview anyway. being silent is a great strategy for salary negotiations. So when the question comes up, tell the.

Aug 22, 2016. “What are your salary expectations?” is one of the most important questions asked during an interview. Depending on the stage of the interview and how much you know about your potential employer, your answer can vary, but you should always have one ready. Without question, the later during the.

Rather than putting the burden on the candidate to tell you their salary expectations — at a point where they know very little about the job or the details of the.

You’ve snagged the job interview and are acing its questions. Then comes one of two inevitable fireballs from the interviewer: “What is your salary requirement.

What are your salary expectations? Ok–you just got over the discomfort of telling them what you earn; now they want you to name your price. I can see the beads of sweat on your brow as you reach for your handkerchief. (does anyone carry one of these anymore?) There are ways to answer this phone interview question.

Nov 07, 2017  · The job interview is going great. You are nailing each answer. Then the salary question comes up. Here’s how to handle it.

When a job candidate refuses to say what kind of salary he’s looking for, what’s a recruiter to do?

You did it. You landed an interview, dressed to impress and had a great conversation, and you think you might actually have a shot at getting a job offer.

NEW YORK – Whether you’re looking for a job as an accountant or a zoologist, there is one question you’re sure to be asked sometime during (and even early in) the interview process: What are your salary expectations? How you deal.

Aug 3, 2016. Massachusetts just passed a law making it illegal for an employer to ask you how much you make in a job interview, part of a plan to help ensure equal pay for both men and women. Instead, employers have to provide you with a compensation figure upfront rather than basing a position's pay on what the.

Knowing that some employers are going to ask for salary expectations, what is the best strategy for dealing with this question? Well first of all, you should expect the question and be prepared to answer it. Assume that in your next interview you 'll be asked, so be prepare to provide a well thought out answer. Not having an.

Mar 9, 2017. Pay scale is such a part of your job which can never set by the job candidate. It is a question just for the namesake. So you can construct your answer with a little hint of the wise statement like your priority is growth of the company, not the pay scale and like that. Construct your answer in such a way the.

You’ve seen them and you hate them. The box you come up against during an online job application that makes you specify a salary requirement with a numeric value.